Tuning is an art. With the amount of tunes available on the market we make sure that we pick the best one for you. Weather you would like a basic tune to get more power to a complete turbo or supercharges setup we will do our best to set you up with the correct application for your vehicle. A proper tune is the difference between claimed horsepower and actual horsepower.

 After extensive research, development and many hours and kilometres of testing. Boostcustoms byAMT Tuning has derived a solution to suit and optimize your engines power without compromising the integrity and safety of your vehicle. Performance Gains start from 8% – 10% on a normally aspirated vehicle and 25% – 35% on a turbocharge vehicle, the percentage variation derives from the condition of the engine and its peripherals, adding or upgrading certain peripherals e.g. cold air intake, exhaust, diverter valve will definitely help to further increase percentages. Please check out the recommended section under the software upgrade to see what add on may help you further increase you vehicles power.

Custom ECU performance tuning Toronto


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