EBC Brakes DP42153R Brake pad set

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Brake Pad; Yellowstuff; FMSI Number D1761; Aramid Based Organic; Set of 4


2 in stock


EBC Brakes DP42153R Brake Pad; Yellowstuff; FMSI Number D1761; Aramid Based Organic; Set of 4
Because of its huge heat range, the applications where EBC Yellowstuff will deliver benefits range from fastest street use on higher horsepower sedans to track day and race use on most street based cars and even as a brake upgrade on Trucks and SUV. Yellowstuff is especially appreciated on Trucks for towing and heavy loads and where wheel and tire oversize upgrades have been fitted. Yellowstuff is not rated as low dust and creates similar dust to OEM pads, if low dust is what you seek, Redstuff should be your choice for fast street use. USA Light Truck Drivers love it because normally race pads require warm up but not the EBC Yellowstuff. This compound works well from cold and is therefore a perfect solution if you simply want the best stopping power you can get for street use on a truck or SUV where the brakes are “Marginal” from the factory or you have enhanced your ride with oversize wheels tires or raised suspension, all of which place much higher demands on the brakes. Drivers with trailers love it because towing brings extra loads and that mushy feel of many stock or low friction aftermarket pads does not inspire confidence. EBC Yellowstuff gives you as much bite as you can get from a stock system and in most cases will give a noticeable brake improvement under loads of towing.

Recommended Use:

Street/ Racing


Aramid Based Organic



Includes OEM Sensors:


Includes Shims:


FMSI Number:


Overall Thickness (MM):

16.5 Millimeter


Set Of 4


Truck Yellowstuff Sport Brake Pads Are A High Friction Formula That Improves Brake Effect 30 To 40 Percent

Zero Brake Fade Makes This Material Perfect For Heavier Loads Such As Towing

Capable Of Repeated Heavy Brake Use Without Brake “Fall-Off”

Very Minimal Disc Or Rotor Damage Characteristics

Superb Brake Control And Pedal Response

Features Red “Brake In” Surface Coating For Instant Safe Braking After Install

Limited 12 Month Or 10,000 Miles Warranty

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