SAAB 900/9-3 185hp 94-99 “T5” Manual

$ 315.00

Product Description

Nordic Performance Upgrade packages for 900 94-98 and 9-3 99 2.0 5-speed Manual 185hp. 

Stg1 Hp 220 and 243 FtLbs Torque! (ECU)
Stg2 Hp 240 and 258 Tq (+ SaabSport Catback, clamps)
Stg3 Hp 260 and 280 Tq (+ GS V1 DP, Airfilter)
Stg4 Hp 290 and 295 Tq (+ Td0415t 5cm, Forge/ETS IC)

200hp Cars are simply the 185 with “Viggen” intercooler and upgraded wastegate spring. Same turbocharger so the outputs are the same. 


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