2.0T Nordic Upgrade 9-3 SS 03-11 210hp

$ 550.00


Software upgrade for 9-3 210hp Arc, Aero 2003-2007 all stages. For 2007-2011 Stg1 is available for all variants. Stg3 available for FWD cars only. 

Stg1 250Hp and 273FtLbs Torque (Software)

Stg2 265Hp and 284FtLbs Torque (Software, Catback Exhaust)

Stg3 275Hp and 295FtLbs Torque (Software, Complete Exhaust incl. Sportcat) 

Stg3 and above in hot climate recommend intercooler upgrade. Also Step 4 and 5 require upgraded clutch / flywheel and are for manual cars only. Aggressively/ poorly driven stage 3 might kill the clutch also. ! Upgrade hardware is not included in software price.



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