Hello all! Today we start the “BIG DEAL!” action!

If you want to improve audiosystem in your car (or wife’s car, or son’s car or anybody else car)- you need to be fast and buy a “BIG DEAL!” coupon.
“BIG DEAL!” coupon gives you a discount for car-audio work. Discount as much as 50-70% (Depends of your order. Minimal work-minimal discount)
Here the rules:
1: Only 5 customers can get “Big Deal coupon”
2: Model of car does not matter
3: Buy this BIG DEAL coupon (required!)
4: BIG DEAL! works only in Canada (GTA)! If you live outside Canada- you may bring your car to us for a few days.
5: Final discount is based on your wishes to install the audio system. The more work we do, the greater your discount!
6: “BIG DEAL!” coupon charge is NOT REFUNDABLE.
7: “BIG DEAL!” coupon has to be present.

Buy “BIG DEAL!” coupon here

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