BIG DEAL! Only 5 customers can get it!

Hello all! Today we start the “BIG DEAL!” action!

If you want to improve audiosystem in your car (or wife’s car, or son’s car or anybody else car)- you need to be fast and buy a “BIG DEAL!” coupon.
“BIG DEAL!” coupon gives you a discount for car-audio work. Discount as much as 50-70% (Depends of your order. Minimal work-minimal discount)
Here the rules:
1: Only 5 customers can get “Big Deal coupon”
2: Model of car does not matter
3: Buy this BIG DEAL coupon (required!)
4: BIG DEAL! works only in Canada (GTA)! If you live outside Canada- you may bring your car to us for a few days.
5: Final discount is based on your wishes to install the audio system. The more work we do, the greater your discount!
6: “BIG DEAL!” coupon charge is NOT REFUNDABLE.
7: “BIG DEAL!” coupon has to be present.

Buy “BIG DEAL!” coupon here

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