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Hello all! This is our new work! Pretty fast SAAB TurboX wants pretty good sound system!

We had some rules- save trunk space, save weight, and system must look as OEM as it possible!

So, lets start! Here the specs

Head unit -Kenwood

Front speakers- Focal Performance PS 165 F3

Subwoofer- JL Audio 10TW3


JL Audio XD400/4 for front speakers

JL Audio XD600/1 for subwoofer

Cables and wires- WIREZ, Stinger

First, we need to run the 0Ga power cable throug firewall to battery

_KNE0145 _KNE0144_KNE0146_KNE0147

Next- wires to door speakers



Now-front doors  sound insulation

_KNE0142 _KNE0143 _KNE0138 _KNE0139 _KNE0141 _KNE0140

Here the speakers pictures. Feel the difference

_KNE0135 _KNE0134 _KNE0133 _KNE0131

Mdranges will be placed in dash

_KNE0136 _KNE0137

Door speakers

_KNE0149 _KNE0150

Tweeters on midranges grill (Sorry we forgot to take a photo 😀 )

So, time to build subwoofer enclosure and amprack.

We`ve used 3/4 MDF for subwoofer enclosure and 1/2 for amprack covers.

First attempt

_KNE0153 _KNE0152

Subwoofer box will be fitted behind the rear seats.

Still building…

_KNE0154 _KNE0155 _KNE0151 _KNE0157 _KNE0158_KNE0159

This how it looks in the trunk





You can see the shape on back wall. This is how will fitted amps and crossovers

_KNE0156 _KNE0160

_KNE0165 _KNE0164

Sub box wrapped with gray carpet and we need to connect some wires

_KNE0166 _KNE0167 _KNE0168


Sub in the cabin

_KNE0193 _KNE0191 _KNE0195 _KNE0196 _KNE0189

After that, time for side covers (1/2 MDF)




_KNE0171 _KNE0170 _KNE0169_KNE0172


Looks good! Carpet time!

_KNE0173 _KNE0174 _KNE0175 _KNE0176

And we almost done! Front cover will be fit on center and hide all wires and holes. And it must looks perfect!

So- cutting and sanding sanding sanding!

_KNE0180 _KNE0177 _KNE0178 _KNE0179


We decided to use 3M 3D carbon vinyl Instead carpet

Looks good!  yes?

_KNE0184 _KNE0181 _KNE0182 _KNE0183 _KNE0185



We glad to make our customer happy! 😉

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